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Leader Rounding (Gemba Walk) provides leaders with the opportunity to touch base with employees / teams to determine what is working and where there are opportunities for improvement. Rounding helps to provide leadership visibility, facilitates open communication, and creates a safer environment that helps to improve employee engagement (offering support and recognition to teams). Leaders are also able to help staff connect front line operational improvements to strategic priorities. The Leader Rounding insert helps to proactively identify address issues (opportunities), reinforce positive behavior (recognition), and plan out times for rounding.


MN Tip: Try these rounding questions to drive a more robust discussion. What is working well? Is there someone I can recognize and why? Do you have the tools, equipment, and information to do your job? Are there any processes you would like to see improved? Do you have any ideas on how to fix them? Is there anything I can help you with right now?


  • A5 six-hole punched paper (5.8" x 8.3" width x height); compatible with any A5 standard planner
  • 60 pages (30 double sided sheets)
  • Printed on high quality 120 gsm paper
  • Black ink on white paper
  • Listing is for the leader rounding inserts only, all other pictured items are not included


Milrose Notes donates 1% of annual sales towards fighting poverty and social injustice around the world.


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  • Usually ships witin 1-2 business days.

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