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Insert Description 


The annual road map insert helps to bridge strategy and execution. The insert helps leaders 1) outline quarterly goals that must be delivered to achieve the strategic vision; 2) connects division / department strategic priorities to organizational goals; and 3) define an action plan and performance outcomes that must be delivered. The insert can also serve as a communication tool, a high-level document that helps articulate strategic thinking - the why behind the goals and the plan for getting there.


MN Tip 1: Stakeholder alignment is critical to strategy execution. As you put your roadmap together, start off with stakeholder sensing sessions to understand pain points, opportunities for improvement, identify any barriers upfront, and create political alignment. Group feedback into themes (e.g. service level improvement, process flow, operational integration, revenue generation, expense management) and incorporate in the strategic plan (where applicable).


MN Tip 2: Use with the SWOT Analysis inserts. SWOT is foundational to strategic planning - helps to identify opportunities that can be built into the annual roadmap.


MN Tip 3:  Utilize multiple inserts to build a long-term strategic plan (3-5 years)


    • High quality printable PDF file
    • Print may appear slightly different depending on your computer and printer.
    • No physical product will be shipped. All files are printables.
    • For personal use only.
    • No exchanges, returns, or refunds on digital products.
    • Download the file from the direct link or open your email and download the file.
    • All inserts are sized for printing on HP Classic paper (7” x 9.25” inches).  Before you start printing make sure to set the right paper size. You can also print on US letter.
    • Do not print files directly from your web browser. It is highly recommended that you print your files with Adobe Acrobat, which is a free printing software. Adobe Acrobat:
    • After you have downloaded the files click print
      • Use the double-sided feature if available or manually flip your paper to print on the backside. Manual flipping may vary based on how your printer feeds.
    • Enjoy your new inserts! If you would like to share, tag us @milrosenotes on Instagram.


    For further assistance or questions, please feel free to contact us at

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